About Us

Over the years, Doncaster Construction has developed a reputation for high quality construction projects, focusing on Ottawa’s urban areas. Regardless of the scope and complexity, we strive to exceed our Clients expectations on every level.

Founder and President of Doncaster Construction, Andre St. Louis, has an educational background in business management along with decades of experience in construction management.

With a more traditional, “old school” attitude towards service and quality, Doncaster Construction is known for its’ personal touch with clients and subcontractors.

At Doncaster, we believe in the following;

“Quality before Quantity”

Doncaster Construction undertakes premier projects - completed on time and within budget. We always ensure that every project receives all of the effort and attention it needs, and so rightly deserves.

“Client Satisfaction: Top Priority”

Understanding, whether the client is a private individual or a corporate developer, that their unique requirements are paramount – Doncasters’ job is done only once our client is completely satisfied.

“You are only as good as your last project”

At Doncaster, we believe that reputation is everything. Considering that all of our projects begin as referrals, we at Doncaster Construction strive to achieve the highest standards in client satisfaction and construction quality. This guarantees that our reputation as a trusted, dependable construction management company will remain strong. In addition, it ensures that future clients will find it easy to choose Doncaster as their project manager.

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